My dad has always told me dress to impress: you never know who is watching. This is so true. As someone who works in the financial industry I see men everyday wearing their custom made suits and women bouncing around in their Christian Louboutins. People pay attention. You need to dress the part, show the big dogs you are worth their time and money. I go into the office everyday looking clean and presentable , even though I don't have contact with clients, but that doesn't matter. For god sakes Ive seen people around my office wearing flip flops and I just want to DIE. Today I picked my new Zara dress to wear. The 2 prints with the leather detail on the arms is perfect for the office. It is amazing for the summer, and is acceptable for the office. I kept my colours simple with my Essie " my wife goes on" nail polish and my David Yurman ring. My hair is sleeked back in a low pony tail , topped off with my go to Zara heels and of course my D&G sunnies which I never leave the house without. Just putting those 2 extra minutes into an outfit can make a world of difference!.


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