To add to their ever expanding empire ; The Row, Elizabeth & James and Olsenboye. The tycoon twins have paired up with Bik Bok. If you're not familiar with Bik Bok, they are a Norwegian retail chain that does scancandi cool clothes at Topshop prices. So obviously this is a match in heaven.
They plan on launching 3 collections for Fall 2013. The collection is black structured jackets and skinny black 'leather' leggings,soft silky blouses , gold accessories and boxy bags that they are known for. When looking at this collection you can tell they were inspired by their own upscale label The Row. The most unbelievable part is the pricing of this collection starts at $14!!!!

Sadly unless you live in Norway or Sweden you cannot order anything from the collection . We will have to stare and dream at them all day . Or if you are lucky with international connections you'll be able to grab a pieces from the 3 collections. 


I've been following Australian label Made by a Friend of Mine on instagram and lately they have been posting these amazing dresses that I have become obsessed with. Not only is the fabric and prints amazing but the cuts of the dresses are UNREAL I absolutely love the whole line. As a plus they are having a sale . So check them out