I never read fiction books. I'm the non fiction girl, I believe in real human emotions and stories, not something that is made up. But that all changed when I read " The fault in our stars". The main characters in this book are cancer patients , ones in remission and one is fighting cancer. They meet at a support group, and they fall in love.  Their love is one of the great star crossed loves of your life, an epic love story.Their love is so true , so real , so human it jumps from the pages. Its true love. They are both scared of the oblivion , the inevitable. But with their little infinity , that doesn't matter to them.This book has a twist  that you will literally need a box of tissues for . I HIGHLY recommend this book. For someone who is sick and I will never compare my illness to that of cancer I have always wondered if someone will really accept me for everything that I am. This book gives me hope that my one love is out there. '' I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity . I wouldn't trade it for the world, You have me a forever within the numbered of days ,and I'm grateful. "Okay...okay.      

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