I've been obsessed with the messy side part every since the MET ball when Cara Delevingne and Sienna Miller were able to pull it off. I found a step by step tutorial on

Step 1 brush your hair through and give yourself an extreme side parting on the left (the further over the better).
Step 2 pull the bulk of your hair over to the right.
Step 3 spray some hairspray onto the left side of your hair and smooth down with your fingers.
Step 4 spritz the hair on the right with some wave-creating spray and throw it over your (right) shoulder.
I find if you get some mousse and put it in your hair while still wet and scrunch while blow drying , and then taking a wand and make some waves it makes the look more messy and just effortless . Pair with a coral lip, you have an easy look.

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