As  I'm getting older I'm realizing a few things 

- never go to bed with makeup on , no matter how drunk you are
-spend money on GOOD makeup , its worth the money
-there will always be another party so don't worry about FOMO
- AND the importance of a great fitting pair of jeans

I decided to write this post because lately my favourite pair of jeans from Zara have decided to be pieces of shit and rip on me.  So I'm left with the choice of going back to Zara and buying another pair or dropping the money on a good pair like J Brand. On one hand Zara is a good go to place for on trend jeans, but J brand will lower your bank account BUT they will last forever. 

Jeans that are worth the money will always flatter you. They will hide the parts you hate and accentuate the parts you love. A great pair of jeans will always make your ass look great and your legs look thin. So I have come to the decision to drop the money on a good pair of jeans and pray they work out , because that.'s all I got now. Don't fail me.

Note: Stay away from a tapered ankle pair of jeans unless you're Kendall Jenner. 

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